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How is the Montessori Method integrated into our daycare curriculum?

The “prepared environment” in the classroom, as defined by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a cornerstone of the Montessori method. Here at Holland Marsh Montessori School, classroom supplies are carefully selected to aid in the growth of the students and act as lifelong tools. Each child receives a personalized education that prepares them for success in life, tailored to their own learning style, developmental stage, and interests in this carefully designed setting. 

At Holland Marsh Montessori School, our mission is to awaken children’s inherent curiosity and help them develop into self-sufficient learners in a vibrant, diverse environment. By encouraging the relationship between individual feelings and artistic experiences, we elevate creativity and improve both emotional health and artistic expression.

How is a Montessori Daycare better?

Children cultivate natural interests in Montessori settings, which are free of rigorous timetables, unlike other daycares. This promotes more social contact as well as independent, hands-on learning. Montessori nurseries empower children to pursue their interests, fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Is the staff at Holland Marsh Montessori School certified?

The safety of the children is our utmost priority at Holland Marsh Montessori School. Every staff member at our institution has received comprehensive training in various fields, such as First Aid, Early Childhood Education, Registered Early Childhood Educator, Ontario College of Teachers, or a related discipline. Our employees also undergo a rigorous selection process that includes checks for vulnerable sectors and criminal records, guaranteeing the well-being of our students.

Is there a summer camp program available at Holland Marsh Montessori School?

Certainly! At Holland Marsh Montessori School, we provide a range of summer camp options tailored to different age groups as part of our childcare offerings. Our well-thought-out summer programs are designed to cater to the unique developmental requirements of each child. We offer a variety of captivating activities encompassing science experiments, drama, sports, music, arts and crafts, and environmental exploration.

Each week or session of our summer camp program revolves around a distinct theme, with each theme delving into exciting and diverse subjects. These themes span nature, space exploration, animals, sports, science and discovery, music, the performing arts, and more. They are thoughtfully selected to induce children’s curiosity and spark their creativity.

While our summer camp primarily emphasizes enjoyment and recreation, we have thoughtfully integrated educational components into the schedule. This creates an environment where children can acquire new knowledge in an enjoyable and laid-back manner. Our program includes reading exercises, structured learning activities, and opportunities for kids to explore new subjects.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for any additional suggestions or if you have any questions.

Are report cards or progress reports provided for the children in your childcare programs?

Without a doubt! Reports for every child in every age group are part of the childcare program at Holland Marsh Montessori. Every child who attends our center uses the HiMama app. With the use of this app, we can keep parents informed about their child’s progress throughout the day by sending them photographs of their various activities, meals, potty breaks, naps, mood, and overall health. Additionally, we offer report summaries for young children—infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and primary school-age.

What should parents do in preparation for their child's enrollment at Holland Marsh Montessori School?

While Holland Marsh Montessori is well-stocked with instructional resources and facilities, there are a few items we recommend parents bring with them on their child’s first day. Families should provide nap bedding for children in the infant, toddler, or preschool classrooms. If your kid is not yet potty-trained or only wears diapers during nap time, we kindly ask that parents provide diapers, baby wipes, and any necessary lotions.

Every child, regardless of age, should bring a water bottle and sunscreen. We also recommend that parents supply a spare set of clothing for their child in case of unforeseen emergencies, messy art activities, or luncheon disasters. This planning will ensure that your child has a pleasant and worry-free day of care!

Is food given at your daycare center? What are your dietary recommendations?

Holland Marsh Montessori is well-equipped to meet your child’s dietary needs, owing to our in-house chef and kitchen. Our menu has a four-week rotation of nutritionally balanced meals that incorporate seasonal ingredients and a variety of exotic flavors. Your child will eat a nutritious and appetizing breakfast, lunch, and two-afternoon snacks.

Can my child attend Holland Marsh Montessori School if they have special dietary or medical needs?

Certainly! We appreciate the importance of serving students with particular dietary or medical needs at Holland Marsh Montessori School. We collaborate closely with parents to ensure that each child’s individual requirements are satisfied, whether they have dietary restrictions or medical concerns that necessitate special care. Our main priority is your child’s well-being and health, and we are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all kids

Is there a designated nap schedule for infants and toddlers in your daycare program?

Naps are a crucial part of the daily routine in all of the nursery programs at Holland Marsh Montessori School. We are adaptable and can accommodate specific nap time requirements, particularly for children with special needs. We can also tailor nap schedules to suit different preferences in our infant area. Please inform our staff of your specific needs, and we will make the necessary adjustments.

What kinds of extracurricular activities are available for children at Holland Marsh Montessori?

Making education enjoyable and interesting for kids is something we firmly believe in. This is the reason that a variety of thrilling extracurricular activities are available in our daycare program. Your child will have a great time while also fostering their growth, whether they are cooking or creating art, playing with social robots, or taking care of gardening.

How Holland Marsh Montessori School promotes children's physical fitness and well-being?

Our childcare philosophy at Holland Marsh Montessori School places a high value on physical fitness and general well-being. Weekly yoga sessions are held for both Precasa and Casa courses, and two hours of vigorous outdoor or indoor playtime are enjoyed by all class levels to promote motor skills and physical fitness. Our in-house chef creates a menu that is full of fresh, healthy options and is influenced by the seasons.

We take a holistic approach to mental health and wellness, taking into account the requirements of each and every one of our pupils. In order to always support children’s mental health, we urge them to take bodily and sensory breaks throughout the day.

Can siblings attend the Holland Marsh Montessori School Academy together?

While we happily welcome siblings to join our daycare, we place them in classrooms that correspond to their respective age groups. For example, toddlers and kindergarteners will be in separate rooms based on their age. Explore our comprehensive range of daycare choices tailored to children from a very young age up to those in kindergarten.

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Our schools daycare program provides parents with a wide array of advantages over other daycare centres.


Three teachers per classroom, early assessment and intervention services, and a wide array of extracurricular activities. 


For parents who want to keep an eye on their child’s daily activities, we offer the HiMama Daycare app. This platform provides reports, images, videos, and other valuable insights to keep parents informed and involved.


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