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What is Montessori?

The Montessori approach to education is individualized, taking into account each child’s unique learning style, developmental stage, and interests. This approach offers a comprehensive foundation in both academics and personal well-being, utilizing the Montessori Method of education through experiential, hands-on learning, real-world applications, and problem-solving. It enables children to grow and thrive.

Here at Holland Marsh Montessori School, we strive to create a distinctive educational framework that nurtures independence, self-motivation, and creativity in children of all ages. Drawing on our extensive expertise of nearly 25 years in early childhood education, we firmly believe that children are naturally curious and eager to learn. Thus, we have adopted the Montessori approach, developed by Dr. Montessori in the early 1900s, as a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. This approach prioritizes hands-on learning and individualized instruction based on each child’s developmental stage, allowing us to provide tailored education that meets the unique needs of every child in our care.

One of the key elements of the Montessori approach is the “prepared environment” of the classroom, as Dr. Maria Montessori called it. The materials in the classroom are carefully selected to aid in the child’s development, while also serving as tools for life. The prepared environment has several functions, including being aesthetically attractive and practical for children of different ages, encouraging purposeful activities through its organized and orderly layout, and enabling the child to use the materials independently. This environment is designed to support each child’s individual learning style, developmental stage, and interests, ensuring that they receive a personalized education that prepares them for success in life.


  • Our philosophy utilizes hands-on learning tools that focus on teaching one skill at a time, allowing children to fully comprehend and master each skill before progressing to the next one.

  • Our curriculum is designed with multiple learning styles in mind, ensuring that every child is able to learn in the way that best suits him or her.

  • We build knowledge and skills through repetition and practice, thus providing a solid foundation of understanding.

  • Our materials are made of natural and real-life objects, providing a more engaging and authentic learning experience.

  • Our approach develops independence, fine motor skills, and concentration in children, preparing them for success in all aspects of life.

  • We discover our learning outcomes by encouraging children to solve problems, think critically, and be creative.

  • Our materials are designed to promote self-discovery and a love of learning in children, enabling them to teach themselves.

  • We simplify abstract concepts, making them more accessible and easier to understand for children of all ages and abilities.


Choosing a Montessori setting for your child has numerous advantages. The Montessori method is well-known for encouraging self-reliance and personalized learning while also cultivating empathy, a commitment to social justice, and a love of lifelong learning. It gives them the ability to think critically, collaborate with others, and take courageous actions, all of which are necessary skills for thriving in the twenty-first century.

We have established a system for inspiring learning among children by using the Montessori school approach in our childcare. This method emphasizes allowing each child to take charge of their education and discover the joy of learning through exploration. Interaction and autonomy.

This means that each child is free to choose the activities with which they are most comfortable, and educators encourage a hands-on approach to learning. We believe that education should encourage communication, and we place a high value on listening to and respecting children’s needs and interests. We value each child’s uniqueness and treat each child individually based on their needs, interests, and rate of social, cognitive, and physical development. In keeping with the Montessori school philosophy, we provide a friendly, loving, and nurturing environment focused on comfort, cooperation, and education for children.